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10 advantages of choosing a Gollmann System

Storage principle

Space-saving roll-fronted cabinet system. Thanks to the "roaming" gap it can efficiently store thousands of packages in a small space. No access pathway in the dispenser needed. That's about as compact as you can get!


Length, height AND width can all be adjusted. We offer solutions for front and back office, built-in solutions in alcoves, basements, and installations on first floors, and more.

Lightweight construction throughout

The all-aluminium construction of GOLLMANN pharmacy dispensers makes area loads of well below 350 kg/m2 possible.


Our easy‑to‑load system

Every package has its place. Packages are never stored one in front of the other. This makes things simpler, protects the packages and reduces energy consumption.

Our made-to-measure automation

Automated dispensing throughout the years demands flexibility. Expanding your capacity and retrofitting your system (e.g. with automated loading) is possible with GOLLMANN at any time.


Our fresh design

Integration is everything. The system fits in with the pharmacy and its processes. As a result, you benefit from a holistic concept that is customised and perfectly adapted to your needs so that your investment leads to success.

Made in Germany

We develop, design, engineer and manufacture all dispensers in Germany. We have already created over 250 jobs. We take our responsibility seriously.

Our focus is on pharmacies

98 % of our customers are ownermanaged pharmacies or their branches. PHARMACISTS drive our innovation – not hospitals, wholesalers or pharmacy chains.


24/7 customer service

We're here to help you around the clock: An extensive service network for customers and with partners, proactive maintenance, daily verification of system parameters, highly skilled customer representatives and personal service representatives.


We're on an equal footing with you

Owner-managed, mid-sized company with a personal approach. No corporate structure, no anonymity – we are close to you. GOLLMANN is more than a product. Why not visit our plant in Halle (Saale) and see for yourself?