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Sliding cabinet system

Compared to conventional shelving, our automated roll-fronted compactor system offers many times more storage space. The highest possible storage volume in the smallest footprint is our goal. Our solutions for pharmacy: the GO.compact along with the solutions for small-sized package handling in industry and commerce.

The classic file archive. A simple idea: achieve the largest possible storage space using the smallest possible floor space. There's a reason why such a compact and easy-to-use system is so often used in archives, offices, museums and, last but not least, in pharmacies. Now we've taken this principle of incorporating a roaming gap into storage solutions even further by automating it.


Individual slots make the best possible use of the dispenser's storage space. GO.compact can hold practically the entire spectrum of pharmacy products, totalling 4,000 to over 57,000 packages. The system can store up to 6,000 packages per metre of body length, and each individual package can be accessed directly.

The automated roll-fronted cabinet system is based on the proven principle of an archive system, enabling access to the stored items by way of the "roaming gap". Compared with other storage systems, a roll-fronted cabinet system provides many times more storage space. With state-of-the‑art technology for gripping and dispensing, GO.compact is faster and requires fewer motions to dispense packages. The aim is to achieve the largest possible storage volume using as little floor space as possible.