Flexibility due to our component system

Even in the basic version, the GO.compact is one of the best and most user-friendly dispensing systems for your pharmacy. Gollmann Kommissioniersysteme GmbH places great importance on flexibility and therefore future security. As such, we offer you several ways of tailoring your GO.compact pharmacy dispensing system to your specific requirements. Our unique modular principle makes all Gollmann dispensing systems upwards compatible. 

This all means that you can decide which technical features are indispensable for you from the outset and which you may want us to quickly and easily retrofit at a later date.

  • Manual loading module

    The manual loading module with over 100 slots enables uninterrupted loading of up to 350 packages per hour. The pharmacy dispensing system works in parallel with the user. Once the package has been scanned and loaded into the module it is immediately available to the salesperson. The dispensing system synchronises all new and issued stock with the ERP system. You can therefore process your wholesale delivery without interruption and choose the loading speed yourself as the system does what you tell it to. The ability to load packages into the GO.compact quickly and easily frees up more time for consultations and sales.


  • Fully automated loading

    Thanks to the automatic loading function, the dispensing system is filled in seconds. Simply tip in the goods, start the process and you’re done! The dispensing system loads packages automatically and even reads their expiry dates if these are printed in the form of a data matrix code. All GO.compact models can naturally also be upgraded to include fully automated loading – without any loss of capacity. 

  • Conveyor technology

    Conveyor technology reliably transports the requested goods to the appropriate dispensing point. To ensure this, we work with you to always find the best conveying routes. On request, all conveyor belts are fully clad and can even be painted in a custom colour. This not only improves their visual appeal but also reduces transport noise. 

  • Double gripper

    For optimum performance, the GO.compact is equipped with a second gripper system. This increases the loading and dispensing capacities. The double gripper can also be retrofitted in the case of housing of a suitable size. 

  • OCR expiry date recognition

    The module for upgrading to fully automated loading (FAL) scans the barcode on the product packages and adds the drug to the database. Using a high-resolution camera and special software, the system “reads” this information from the packages’ imprint and captures it in the database.

    The camera-based image processing system is extremely reliable and has a very high read rate, even if labelling methods differ and markings are hard to read due to reflective or bent surfaces and low contrasts.


  • Individual cabinet add-ons

    The capacity volume is set for all roll-front cabinets using a stock analysis conducted prior to the dispensing system’s installation. If, however, decisive changes to the sizes of the packages to be stored are made at a later date, these can be quickly adapted to using individual cabinet add-ons.

  • Cooling module

    The GO.compact also safely stores and dispenses your products that require refrigeration. The integrated temperature logger ensures that the cold chain is not interrupted.

    To prevent unnecessary power consumption and larger temperature fluctuations, a shutter (in addition to the air curtain) seals the cool air inside. 

  • Climate control unit

    If the dispensing system is exposed to intensive sunlight or is located in rooms that quickly heat up, a cooling device inside the dispensing system can ensure the right temperature.

  • Digital shelf

    The counter is virtually depicted on modern multi-touch screens with full HD resolution. Here, a screen replaces a shelf. You can create as many shelves as you need on a single screen. As a result, each screen offers all the behind-the-counter and self-service products and much more.

    Lots of indication topics, interval-based changes between the subject shelves, product size adjustments, customised design and rapid price adjustments. The possibilities are virtually unlimited and all of this is presented with the highest picture quality and low power consumption.